Middle Schoolers Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller February 19, 2012
As scary as it sounds, our nation’s middle schoolers are in great need of drug classes. Kids are becoming exposed more regularly to more drugs than ever before. I certainly recall a few of my middle school friends trying marijuana with maybe 25% experimenting with alcohol. Things have changed. Now marijuana is prevalent in middle school with harder drugs like cocaine, crystal meth and designer drugs like bath salts and Night Lights. Night Lights Middle Scholars’ knowledge of the s... [More]

Spice Users Need Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller January 21, 2012
Do you know what spice is? I was recently lecturing at a senior center regarding alcohol and drug abuse. As you might be aware, there is an alarming increase in alcohol and drug abuse among our nation’s senior citizens. Seniors are an interesting group to speak to. In my most recent lecture at an assisted-living facility, my audience had nowhere better to go so I had a captive audience. One thing that seems to universally surprise seniors is the myriad of new drugs on the market. In my l... [More]

Take A Drug Class Before Using Synthetic Marijuana

by Mike Miller January 20, 2012
It seems like society is teeming with marijuana everywhere you look. Of course I live in a state where medical marijuana is currently legal so I see the dispensaries all over the place. If there wasn’t enough real weed, now there is a growing market for synthetic marijuana. One area that has seen a great increase among synthetic marijuana user is the US military. Men, armed to the teeth, in incredibly stressful situations, doped out of their mind. Sounds like a lethal cocktail right? U.S... [More]

Pill Mill Docs Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 26, 2011
Besides their patients’ health doctors primary concern is probably medical malpractice. Most MDs pay ludicrous amounts to insurance companies to protect themselves from lawsuits. Given that, why would any MD put himself on the line by prescribing unnecessary medication? Michael Jackson's doctor, accused of killing the pop star with a powerful anesthetic, has joined a small but growing number of U.S. physicians facing criminal charges over their handling of prescription drugs. Medical neg... [More]

Ohio Cracking Down on Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller November 10, 2011
Police and law enforcement will always have to battle illegal substances and those using and abusing them.  It helps when the state and the federal government are on the same page in fighting illegal drug activity.  The State of Ohio has been trying to criminalize and ban the newer “recreational drugs” hitting the market. They currently have tackled two of these new synthetic drugs, but who knows how many to go. A law that took effect this summer places substances known ... [More]