Drug and Alcohol Course Can Save You From an Unwanted Sexual Assault

by Mike Miller August 15, 2013
There is no denying that chemical substances like alcohol and drugs affect our behavior. Often we will do things while intoxicated that we would not when sober. There is no doubt that drug users will attest to the fact that sometime drugs can impair or have negative effects on one’s decision-making abilities. Intoxicated women most certainly are prone to making poorer decisions than when sober. That is true of all people because, once again, drugs and alcohol impair coherent thought. An... [More]

Paramedics Understand Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller June 1, 2013
There is nothing like being on the front line of any issue to understand its complexities. How do you think first-responders feel about drugs and alcohol? A recent study of paramedics in Perth, Australia brings to light these feelings. Would it surprise you to know that paramedics say drug abuse and binge drinking are making their job a misery, with officers fearing for their lives when they turn up in certain areas. As reported in www.heraldsun.com.au. Ninety-eight Perth homes and 93 country ... [More]