Healthcare Workers Urged to Take an Employee Drug Class

by Mike Miller August 2, 2014
This is the third in a series of blogs looking at the issue of drug use and abuse by our healthcare providers. I, for one, am terrified by the notion that my surgeon may be high. What are your thoughts on the issue? Despite the potentially devastating consequences, prescription drug abuse seems to be a difficult topic for the healthcare community to address. Given the fact that many nurses and other healthcare providers are addicted to prescription medication, why do you think they do not seek ... [More]

Nurses Stealing Pain Meds Need Drug and Anti-Theft Courses

by Mike Miller July 28, 2014
Are you frightened of an upcoming hospital visit or surgery? While I would like to say those fears are ill-founded, you may have good reason to fear. As crazy as it sounds, the fact is that many healthcare professionals may be performing their jobs under the influence of a controlled substance. There's been a steady stream of news lately about nurses charged with stealing pain meds. In later parts of this series we will look at a theft from a labor and delivery unit and this one from a nursing h... [More]

Doctors in Dire Need of Drug Education

by Mike Miller September 8, 2013
Addiction can happen to anyone. There is no sex, race or creed immune to its virulent talons. This also is true of every profession. Yes, even physicians suffer from addiction issues. Sometimes it is for drugs, other times for greed – sometimes for both. The most recent buzz came mostly by word-of-mouth but also from fliers circulated among New Jersey’s homeless Medicaid recipients and drug addicts. It told them where to get pain pills — and fast — prescribed by corrupt ... [More]

American Workplace Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 13, 2011
How bad is drug problem in the American workplace? How many American workers are high on the job? How many are selling illegal drugs while at work? The arrest of more than three dozen people on drug charges at a Boeing military aircraft plant highlights the growing problem of prescription drug abuse by U.S. workers. You probably have read about the 37 people, all but one of them current or former Boeing employees, charged with selling or trying to buy painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs at the ... [More]