Demi Lovato Knows Importance of Minor in Possession Classes

by Mike Miller May 9, 2012

Disney child and teen sensation Demi Lovato certainly has experiences some highs and lows in her short 19 years. Going from the pinnacle of success to a depressed drug addict she has experienced the gamut of emotions.

Lovato is in a really good place these days according to the Huffington Post. With a new music video for her hit song, "Give Your Heart A Break," and currently enjoying a successful South American tour, things seem to be good again for Lovato. She was looking quite attractive in her bikini on a Brazilian beach of late.

Demi spent three-months in rehab in November 2010 to treat physical and emotional issues--including cutting, bulimia, and bipolar disorder. She blames peer pressure and loneliness led her to experiment with drugs in 2010.

Lovato says it wasn't hard for her to get drugs. Any restaurant or club was a locale to get drugs. Promoters also provided her with whatever she needed.

Forced into rehab in 2010 by her loved ones, Demi says she's thankful she ended her addiction before it became life-threatening.

This isn't the first time Demi is opening up about her battle with depression. Last year, the talented singer opened up about her struggles to Good Morning America and Seventeen Magazine.

It is nice to see she has gotten back on the right path. Hopefully she will stay sober and continue to educate others on not using drugs.

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