At Least 33% of Kenyan School Children Need to Take a Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 11, 2014

This is the second in a series of blogs looking at the alarming problem Kenya faces with drug use among its school children. In our last blog we discussed a government survey which reported that 33% of school children use two or more recreational drugs.

Government officials place a good deal of the blame on parents who have a very lax attitude about their kids taking drugs. How can they do that? There is a reason why we are parents and they are children. They need firm guidance. As reported in

I will be the first to acknowledge the difficulty in policing your child’s every move. Whether the children are at home, or in school or transiting between the two, it is never easy to keep tabs on what exactly they are doing and in what company.

Unfortunately, parents have come to accept a lot of grey areas in their parenting and this is where the children get loopholes to exploit.

Wouldn’t you agree that as parents, we have a big role as far as the fight against drug abuse among students? Online drug classes and online alcohol classes are great here in the USA where so many people have access to high-speed Internet. In Kenya, there needs to be more parental involvement in leading the battle. We will continue to address this issue in our next blog.

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