Billy Joel Discusses Personal History with Drugs

by Mike Miller July 3, 2014

Sing us a song Piano Man. Sing to us. The Piano Man, Billy Joel, has gone public with his experiences with drug use, abuse and addiction. He could have wound up dead in a bathroom, like fellow New Yorker Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Billy Joel opened up about his past drug use is an interview with Shock Jock Howard Stern. He says that heroin scared him. As reported in

The 64-year-old star revealed his past drug use in a new interview with Stern. The candid one-on-one sit down was in front of 150 people in a New York City town hall setting, where Billy discussed his career, family and childhood.

The Piano Man singer's heroin experience was the inspiration behind the song Scandinavian Skies from his 1982 album The Nylon Curtain, with the star admitting the drug "scared" him.

In addition, Billy revealed that he almost formed a “super group” with fellow chart toppers Sting, Don Henley and a guitarist.

As well as discussing his addiction issues and his experiences with heroin, Joel also mentioned that he really liked being part of a band and might be open to a “super group” sometime in the future.

Like many musicians, Joel has battled alcohol and drug issues throughout his career. Now, in his seventh decade of life, it appears Joel not only has overcome his issues, but is willing to discuss them in an effort to highlight how easy it is to become an addict.

I would like to see more stars open up and attempt to help others from ever trying such heinous and addictive drugs as heroin.

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