Does Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Need an Online Drug Awareness Class?

by Mike Miller February 8, 2014

I am sure you have heard enough about Justin Bieber by now. If so, you need not read any further. However, if you are like the millions of Americans who cannot get enough celebrity gossip, read on my friend.

This blog discusses the female company ion who was riding in the Lamborghini with the 19-year-old pop sensation when he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs – marijuana and prescription medications – back in January. As reported in

Supposedly, Bieber it on the line with his “friend, Chantel Jeffries, that the 21-year-old model keep her mouth shut and not talk to the media about his arrest. He also promised she would be rewarded in the long-run if she kept the story of their wild night in Miami under wraps. Is it surprising that so far the little playboy always gets his.

Justin is promising his lady a life of fame and leisure as long as she doesn’t snitch to the press about the details of his Jan. 23 arrest. I find that a little ironic since all the little turkey seems to do these days is find ways to garner himself negative publicity.

His claim that her fame will rise by keeping her mouth shut is completely off the mark. She should strike while the iron is red-hot and spill it all now.

Does all of this bead behavior have anything to do with Bieber’s breakup with fellow teen pop sensation Selena Gomez? His life has certainly spiraled downhill since his breakup with Gomez, who so far has a clean reputation.

I would like to offer Mr. Bieber an excellent online substance abuse progrm for drugs and alcohol. Perhaps Ms. Jeffries might benefit too.

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