If You Use Marijuana, Please Educate Yourself!

by Mike Miller January 6, 2014

Despite its growing popularity both culturally and socially it is important to remember that marijuana is still considered an addictive drug. The legal line with marijuana is getting blurrier all the time with 20 states and the District of Columbia now making it legal for medicinal purposes and Colorado and Washington legalizing for recreational purposes.

Did you know that in 1970 Congress classified marijuana as an illegal Schedule I drug, defining as having a potential for abuse and addiction with no medical value. As reported in well.blogs.nytimes.com.

Does marijuana have medicinal value? So far the American Medical Association (AMA) has yet to issue a single illness for which they recommend cannabis.

There is evidence that several common disorders, including epilepsy, alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder, involve disruptions in the endocannabinoid system, suggesting that those patients might benefit from marijuana or its ingredients.

The strongest evidence for the health benefits of medical marijuana or its derivatives involves the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain and the spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis.

We will continue to look at the medicinal value of marijuana in future blogs. Keep in mind that recreational drugs are for the weak of mind. If you or someone you care about has a problem with marijuana, please educate yourselves with an online marijuana class.

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