Is That Justin Bieber in Your Alcohol or Drug Class?

by Mike Miller February 18, 2014

You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have heard about teen heart-throb Justin Bieber’s most recent run-ins with the law. In the past two weeks police have searched Bieber’s mansion in Calabasas California searching for evidence of a felony, he has been arrested for driving under the influence, and he turned himself in to Canadian authorities looking to prosecute him on charges he beat a limo driver repeatedly over the back of the head.

Would you say that young Mr. Bieber is heading down the road to perdition? As reported in

Now it may affect his plans this Valentine’s Day!

The pop star's arraignment date for charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. However, he may not be required to attend the court date.

The 19-year-old Bieber was arrested with friend and fellow 19-year-old recording artist Khalil Sharieff back in January. Next month's court appearance will allow for prosecutors to officially file charges against the Canadian crooner.

He was arrested of driving intoxicated after leaving a Miami nightclub and later drag racing with Sharieff. Bieber worsened his situation by admitted to smoking weed, drinking and taking prescription meds.

Adding a little intrigue to the situation was the police report that revealed that Bieber's intoxication level was well below the legal limit and Sharieff had no alcohol in his system.

Time will tell how all this will pan out. In the meantime I would suggest Bieber take a comprehensive 24 hour alcohol and drug class. 

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