Tobacco Course Helps You Think Twice About E-Cigs

by Mike Miller October 13, 2013

As the education director for Internet based tobacco classes, I can tell you the rate at which teens are having to take tobacco classes is substantially on the rise. One of the primary driving forces is electronic cigarettes.

This is the fifth in a series of blogs looking at e-cigarettes and the efforts to curb use as well as enforce where they can be used. As reported in

The general attitude among a good part of society is to tolerate them, as long as no one complains about it. That is true indoors and outdoors.

So what is the legality of e-cigarettes? They are basically legal everywhere. Cities and venues often have “no smoking” and “no tobacco” policies, but nothing against nicotine itself.

How do you feel about them? More likely than not you tolerate them like all of us because they are really not offensive.

It is an establishment’s right to ban e-cigarettes and some have actually done so.

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted in New York clubs using e-cigs.

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes is also creating headaches for club security personnel, who have spent the last decade watching for smoke with the eagle-eyed focus of someone manning a fire tower. In a dim club, it is hard to tell the difference between a Marlboro and an NJOY King, which is designed to mimic a real cigarette, from the cherry-red tip to the paper butt.

It will be interesting to see what if any legal barriers are placed on these nicotine devices.

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