Shelbyville Alcohol Awareness Classes

At Online Drug Class, we are very proud to introduce our alcohol awareness classes for Shelbyville, Kentucky. Our Shelbyville alcohol awareness classes are ideal for meeting court-ordered educational requirements, but they also fulfill personal growth as well.

Each course was written and designed by professionals who wanted to make a high quality alcohol awareness class that was easy to access and use. Since our classes are 100 percent online, you can make your own schedule and proceed at your own pace. You can also start the course instantly upon signing up!

Course Costs and Benefits

When you have finished the course, we ship your certificate of completion to you via first-class mail. Here are some of the additional benefits of our Shelbyville classes:

  • Free online enrollment verification (for court)
  • Nationally accepted course material
  • Instantly accessible and available 24/7 Available 24/7
  • Free certificate of completion
  • 100 percent money back guarantee

Our classes are available in the following levels and costs:


1. How do I access my course materials?

You choose a unique username and password during the enrollment process, and this information will function as your site key, allowing you to log on and off the site at your convenience.

2. Do the quizzes count towards/against my overall score?

Our quizzes are designed for educational purposes only and do not count towards your final score. In order to pass our course, however, you must score an 80 percent or higher on the final exam.

3. How can I pay for a course?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex) as payment however, prior to accessing any course material, all payment must be made in full.

Shelbyville, KY Alcohol Class

  • 100% Online Class
  • Accepted Throughout the U.S.
  • Available 24/7
  • Superior Customer Support
  • Free Certificate Shipping
  • Instant Access
  • Written and Designed by Professionals
  • Shelbyville Kentucky Drug Class for students in Shelbyville , KY
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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