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Whether you have been arrested for drug possession or feel that you have a drug dependency issue, we are here to help. At Online Drug Class, we believe strongly in the idea that everyone deserves a second chance, and that through education and accountability, you can make positive and lasting changes in your life. For this reason, we offer a number of different online programs that have been developed specifically for drug users. Whether you are an occasional or habitual user, let us help.

Our 4-hour Drug Awareness Class is accepted throughout the country and can help you satisfy court-mandated education requirements. We encourage you to enroll today and start taking advantage of the many benefits it offers.

Course Details – Our 4-hour Online Program

With our online 4-hour drug awareness class, you can gain invaluable insight that will allow you to make better and more informed decisions on how you live your life. We have developed this program with your needs in mind. At ODC, we understand that the most effective program is the one that people actually follow. After all, if our program is too difficult to take, you’ll simply not take it. We are confident you will find our course to be incredibly easy and helpful.

Among the concepts covered in our 4-hour drug awareness class include:

  • The dangers of drug abuse
  • The effects of drugs on your body and health
  • The effects of drugs on your social and family life
  • How drugs affect your financial independence
  • How to overcome drug addiction
  • How to avoid becoming addicted to drugs
  • How to take steps to reclaim your life

We are confident that you will find our program to be informative, beneficial, and effective. In fact, we have such confidence in our drug awareness programs that we offer them with a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Your Certificate of Completion – Provided at No Cost

When you complete the 4-hour Drug Awareness Class, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion in the mail. This certificate can be presented to the court or other legal entity to demonstrate that you have satisfied your drug education requirements. Helping you move on with your life is a priority of ours, and we want to do everything that we can to help you along the way!

Whatever your needs, we have them met at Online Drug Class. We can help you satisfy court orders and make a change for the better in your life. Knowledge is power and we are confident that our 4-hour drug awareness class will make a difference.

Enroll Today – It’s Quick and Easy

If you have a problem with drug dependency, we encourage you to enroll for one of our drug awareness programs today. You can complete our class on your own time, at your own convenience, right from home. We have made it easy to satisfy drug education requirements, and believe strongly that you will find our program to be incredibly effective as well. Sign up today!

4 Hour Drug Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 30 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

Overall the 4 hour drug program is a great course. The design is good and easy to use. The content is interesting. The videos help break up the reading. My only suggestion would be to have the final exam reflect more general concepts since it's hard to recall some of the statistics.

Dalton H

Required to take the 4 hour drug class but found it very helpful. Thanks. Life changing!

Jason J

I didn't want to take the class since I don't have a drug problem but I'm so glad I did. It was a great learning experience and now I am more knowledgeable about drugs. I will be much more careful and tell my friends. Thumbs up on Facebook.

Cameron T

I liked how thorough the course was and it was also user friendly. It was cheaper than taking a class in person and I could completed it at home. I'm a fast reader so at first I waited for the timer but then I slowed down and studied the information. Very effective course. Thank you.

Jessica D

Best product for a great price! I looked at a few different 4 hour drug programs and this one was number one. It was great information. I learned a lot I didn't know before. I liked the videos too. Anyone would benefit from this class. Did it in half a day!

Jorge T

I felt that this four hour drug course, really helped to build upon prior knowledge learned inside of a classroom back in health classes in grade school. The material also went above that as well, providing much more informative details pertaining to history, stages of change, etc. Thank you for everything!

Deandra K

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