Alcohol Awareness Class Online

20 Hour Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Class

For Court Requirements, Work, or Personal Needs

If you’ve been asked to complete a 20-Hour or Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Class for business, legal or personal reasons, then this is the class for you. This nationally accepted program allows you to complete your alcohol awareness class online, saving you the time and hassle of trekking back and forth to the classroom. Our team of e-learning experts designed the curriculum to flexible and easy-to-follow so that you can fulfill your requirements without disrupting your schedule.

Completion of this class satisfies any of the following court-ordered requirements:

  • 20 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 20 Week Alcohol Awareness Class
  • Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 20 Hour Alcohol Drug Class
  • 20 Week Alcohol Drug Class
  • Level 1 Alcohol Drug Class
  • 20 Hour Alcohol Education Class
  • 20 Week Alcohol Education Class
  • Level 2 Alcohol Education Class

All you need to get started with this online course is a way to connect to the internet. You can even login using your smartphone! The sophisticated learning software will guide your progress from start to finish, and user-friendly tools such as automatic bookmarking make pausing and resuming a breeze. The class is cost-effectively priced at $299 .

Accepted. Guaranteed.

When you complete our 20-Hour alcohol awareness class online, you can rest assured that your court will accept your class. Our industry-leading programs satisfy even the most stringent state and national alcohol education requirements. We guarantee it, or we’ll send your money back.

Immediate Certification

Once finished, we will instantly process your certification and send it to you free of charge. This complimentary service ensures that you receive proof of completing your 20-Hour alcohol awareness class online. We also offer overnight shipping for an extra charge.

Comprehensive Alcohol Education

This online class gives a robust overview of the risks associated with the use and abuse of alcohol. Topics include:

  • Problems and Patterns of Drug Abuse
  • Legal vs. Illegal Drugs
  • History of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Understanding How Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Mind and Body
  • Risk and Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Risks for Relapse or Reoffense
  • Skills in Managing Stress and Emotions
  • Making Changes in Our Pattern of Behavior
  • Communication and Relationships as a Foundation for Recovery and Prevention
  • Relapse Prevention

20 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class

  • Meets Requirements for Level 2 Class
  • Free Completion Certificate
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Study on Your Own Pace
  • Learn Faster and Remember It Better
  • Superior Customer Support
  • U.S. based Program
  • No Additional Charges

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