Alcohol Awareness Classes

16 Hour Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Class

For Court, Work or Personal Requirements

Our 16 Hour Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Classes are approved to satisfy any court-ordered 16-Hour or Level 2 alcohol education requirement. This nationally recognized program is ideal for legal or work-related alcohol education needs. Top experts in online learning designed the web-based curriculum to be comprehensive and easy-to-follow. Save time and skip the classroom using our flexible online alcohol education program.

Select this course to fulfill any of the following requirements:

  • 16 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 16 Week Alcohol Awareness Class
  • Level 2 Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 16 Hour Alcohol Drug Class
  • 16 Week Alcohol Drug Class
  • Level 1 Alcohol Drug Class
  • 16 Hour Alcohol Education Class
  • 16 Week Alcohol Education Class
  • Level 2 Alcohol Education Class

This program can be accessed from any PC, Mac or mobile device with internet access. You can complete the course around your schedule with the help of intuitive guides and handy tools such as automatic bookmarking. Priced at $249 .

Approved and Guaranteed

Our 16-Hour alcohol awareness classes adhere to stringent state and national alcohol education requirements. We guarantee that your class will be accepted by the court, or you’ll get your money back.

Free Certificate of Completion

Participants who complete our alcohol awareness classes will receive a Certificate of Completion via U.S.P.S free of charge. We provide same-day processing for all certificates, and same-day shipping is available as well if you need it fast.

Dynamic Online Alcohol Classes

This 16 hour alcohol awareness education class discusses a number of topics including:

  • Alcohol Abuse – Recognize the Signs
  • What Makes Up Alcohol?
  • What is Alcohol Abuse?
  • Alcohol: Past & Present
  • Impact of DWI on Society
  • Heavy Drinking and its Effects on Your Body
  • Blood Alcohol Level and Behavioral Effects
  • Drinking Abstainers – The Non-Use Pattern
  • Where Does Your Drinking Habit Fit In?
  • Stopping Relapse

16 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class

  • Meets Requirements for Level 2 Class
  • Free Completion Certificate
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Study on Your Own Pace
  • Learn Faster and Remember It Better
  • Superior Customer Support
  • U.S. based Program
  • No Additional Charges

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