About Online Drug Class

It started with an idea

Back in 2010, before Online Drug Class was created, there was a big problem for people who wanted to take online court classes. All the classes were only available in person and taking these classes was a huge inconvenience.

Mike Miller, the founder of Online Drug Class, believed there was a better way. He believed that an online class that was easy and convenient for students to take was a far better approach. So he started creating online classes. First he designed an online alcohol awareness class, then an online drug class, then other classes.

About us

Now, over a decade later, OnlineDrugClass.com is a leading national provider of online drug educational classes. We offer cost-effective drug classes, alcohol awareness classes, and minor in possession (MIP) classes that are ideal for court, personal, or corporate requirements. These industry-leading classes are accepted nationwide and are web-based, making them easy to use from any computer with internet access. The online drug class, alcohol awareness classes, and MIP classes are available 24/7 and have been carefully crafted by industry experts to be both easy and educational.

We offer a variety of classes to meet your needs—including 8-Hour, 12-Hour, 15-Hour, 16-Hour, 20-Hour, and 24-Hour classes. We can customize the class lengths if you need something longer or shorter. Designed by professional instructors and online educators, their online drug class, alcohol awareness classes, and MIP classes are the easiest, most flexible way to complete your court-ordered or personal requirements.

Our online drug education classes are so effective that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The classes have no hidden costs, and their one-time low price includes everything you need, including a free completion certificate. If you have any questions when enrolling or taking in their drug education course or alcohol awareness class, our expert customer support team is available to help you. They can professionally answer all your questions that you might have about our online drug and alcohol classes. You can contact them via email, phone, or customer support form.

With years of experience in online education, OnlineDrugClass.com has worked hard to provide a comfortable learning experience. Our courses have been written and fine-tuned to create a simple and easy-to-understand course. Plus, since our classes are entirely web-based, there’s no software, PDFs, or other files to download. Just complete the simple registration process, and you’re good to go.