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At Online Drug Class, we are dedicated to helping individuals overcome drug addiction, recover from their mistakes, and gain the knowledge needed to make sound life decisions going forward. To aid in this goal, we offer a number of online education programs, including online drug classes, tobacco cessation resources, and alcohol awareness courses. These courses are provided with a money-back guarantee and are accepted nationwide. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Working with Online Drug Class allows you to take advantage of other benefits. We are proud to say that Online Drug Class is a Better Business Bureau approved provider of drug education courses. As an accredited business, you can trust in our service, products, and commitment to you. There are no hidden costs or fees at Online Drug Class. We commit ourselves daily to doing right by our students, and we can make this guarantee to you as well. If you have been ordered to complete a drug awareness class or believe that you may have a problem, please enroll today – it could change your life.

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