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Youth Tobacco Awareness / Cessation Classes

For Court, Personal or School Requirement is the leading national provider of online educational classes regarding the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and Tobacco. Our Youth Tobacco Awareness Class is available in 4-Hour and 8-Hour formats and is designed to educate youths about the dangers associated with cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and other tobacco products.

Tobacco 101

Many tobacco awareness programs attempt to persuade students to not using tobacco with scare tactics. We present a different approach to Tobacco awareness. Our classes give students the entire story of tobacco use in our society including the following topics:

  • Is tobacco a drug?
  • History of tobacco
  • Description of tobacco products
  • About nicotine including its addictive qualities
  • Nicotine’s effects on the brain and body
  • Negative health effects of tobacco use
  • How tobacco companies have targeted youth, women and other non-smokers
  • Underage tobacco use
  • The anti-smoking movement
  • Quitting smoking and tobacco use

In order to provide you with an exceptional learning experience, we have crafted our content to be both captivating and immersive. By incorporating fun graphics and multi-media videos in our course, students won’t feel as if they are just reading page after page of content. By telling the "whole story" and giving a much deeper understanding of risks, the user will be more likely to use better decision making when it comes to tobacco use.

A Better Way to Learn

With our online Tobacco Awareness Class, you can say goodbye to the frustration of feeling like the pace is too fast or slow in a traditional classroom setting. This self-paced course gives you the flexibility to complete it all in one go or over multiple sessions, at your own pace. Additionally, if you need to take a break, the bookmarking technology ensures that you can pick up right where you left off, every time you log back in.

We also offer audio narration (read along) with all our classes. This way you can listen to the tobacco awareness class instead of having to read it yourself.

Tobacco Awareness Classes

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8 Hour Tobacco Awareness Class $179 Register Now Register

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If you have any questions when registering for the Tobacco Awareness Class our expert customer support staff is available to help you. They will answer any question you might have about our online education classes.

Tobacco Awareness Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

I took this online tobacco awareness class and it was so helpful to understand why smoking is bad for you and how to resist peer pressure to smoke. It was easy to follow and the instructors were great!

Karen P

This class helped me to understand how smoking is harmful and dangerous even if it's legal for adults. It gave me the knowledge and tools to stay away from smoking and resist the temptation.

Sara H

I learned a lot about how smoking affects the body and mind, and how it can be addictive even if you're not of legal age to purchase tobacco. It helped me to understand why I shouldn't start smoking.

Sam P

I was a little skeptical about taking an online class, but this one was really interesting and helpful. The instructors were really relatable and the material was easy to understand.

Bryan M

I took this class to help me understand why my friends are smoking and how to support them to quit, even though we are too young to purchase tobacco. It was really informative and gave me a lot of perspective.

Alan R

Tobacco Awareness Class

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