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12 Hour Level 2 Minor in Possession Training

Fulfills Court, Personal or School Requirements

OnlineDrugClass.com is the leading provider of online educational classes. These courses discuss the issues associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. Our Online 12-Hour Minor in Possession Class was created to meet any 12-Hour or Level 2 MIP Training requirement. This course is suitable for court, school or personal growth related alcohol education for minors. With 50% more content than our 8-Hour MIP Class, this course was developed by top internet education researchers and was created to be completely comprehensive but also easy-to-comprehend.

This 12-Hour Level 2 course also meets the MIP Training requirements for the following:

  • 12-Hour Minor in Possession Class
  • 12-Week Minor in Possession Class
  • Level 2 Minor in Possession Class
  • 12-Hour Minor in Consumption Class
  • 12-Week Minor in Consumption Class
  • Level 2 Minor in Consumption Class
  • 12-Hour Underage Drinking Education Class
  • 12-Week Underage Drinking Education Class
  • Level 2 Underage Drinking Education Class

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

The program has been accepted throughout the U.S. and can be taken by anybody with access to a computer with an internet connection. Our 12-hour minor in possession program meets state and national requirements for alcohol education. We back this course with a no questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Priced at $199 .

Fast Completion Certificate Delivery

When you complete the class, you will receive a minor in possession class certificate of completion . This certificate can be used to prove that you have completed the requirements for a 12-hour class.

Comprehensive Minor in Possession Education

This 12-hour MIP education class discusses many topics including:

  • Problems and patterns of marijuana, prescription drugs, narcotics, stimulants and other drugs
  • Why do adolescents start using drugs?
  • Health risks of minors who drink or take drugs
  • Drunken driving crash shattered teen’s life
  • Youth who drink heavily face higher risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome
  • Frequently asked questions about alcohol and alcohol abuse
  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Risks for relapse or reoffense

12 Hour MIP Class

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