Vaping Awareness Classes

Vaping Awareness / Cessation Classes

For Court, Personal or School Requirement is the leading national provider of online educational classes regarding the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol, vaping and tobacco. Our Vaping Awareness Class is available in 4-Hour and 8-Hour formats and is designed to educate young people and adults about the dangers associated with vaping, e-cigarettes and JUUL.

Vaping 101

As the world’s first online vaping awareness class, we try to present both sides of the vaping issue. While it’s true that vaping can be safer than smoking cigarettes because of the lack of some carcinogens—that doesn't mean that vaping isn’t bad for your health. Nicotine, the primary ingredient in most vaping liquids is highly addictive. It causes you to crave a vape and suffer withdrawal symptoms if you ignore the craving. Nicotine can also negatively affect the development of young brains. Our classes give students the entire story of vaping and e-cigarette use. You will learn:

  • Is nicotine a drug?
  • History of vaping and nicotine
  • About the popular JUUL and other vaping devices
  • Nicotine’s effects on the brain and body
  • Negative health effects of vaping
  • How vaping and tobacco companies have targeted young people
  • The “epidemic” of underage vaping
  • Tips for how to quit vaping and nicotine use

To give you the best learning experience possible, we’ve made our content both interesting and engaging. By incorporating interesting and fun graphics and videos in our course, students won’t feel as if they are just reading page after page of content. By telling the “whole story” and giving a much deeper understanding of risks, users can use better judgement when making decisions about vaping.

A Better Way to Learn

Unlike classroom courses where you might find the pace either too fast or too slow, our online Vaping Awareness Class is completely self-paced. You can go through the chapters all at once in a single sitting or you can take your time and complete it in multiple sessions. Plus, if you log out of your course, our bookmarking technology will save your place every time you take a break.

We offer the following Vaping Awareness Classes:

Vaping Awareness Classes

Class Price
4 Hour Vaping Awareness Class $99 Register Now Register
8 Hour Vaping Awareness Class $149 Register Now Register

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Vaping Awareness Class

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