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Online Drug Class Testimonials

  • Veronica T

    I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr Miller for affording the best customer service ever. I am a Judge in Texas and Mr Miller was very cordial and handle my concerns expeditiously. As a result, my son’s court case will have a positive disposition. Thank you so much Mr. Miller.
    Veronica T – Texas
  • Barb B

    What a relief ! I’ve completed 3 months on an ankle bracelet, seems because I completed 75 hours of the classes on time, they reduced my bracelet from 6 months to 3 months, I almost fell over! Thank you again!
    Barb B – Chicago, IL
  • Robert M

    You guys are great, btw, an excellent course. It is informative, well balanced, good program. I will recommend it to anyone who is in an area where an on line course is acceptable. Many thanks.
    Robert M – Salisbury, MD
  • Mikaela M

    I liked it. Very convenient and user friendly.
    Mikaela M – Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Kenny F

    I completed the class over the weekend it was a lot of info but I thought it was very good info and feel that I learned a lot about drugs and alcohol and also myself. Thank You so much for offering this class, taking it online was so very easy and helpfull, Thanks again!!!=
    Kenny F – Spanish Fort, AL
  • Roger S

    The class was fast and easy and took care of my court requirement without having to attend a live class.
    Roger S – Bangor, ME
  • Ricardo R

    Your online Drug Awareness Class was very helpful. I definitely like that I could re-read the materials as many times as I wanted. I like the interaction of slides and audio. Thank you and best wishes to all.
    Ricardo R – Fresno, CA
  • Jim R

    I enjoyed the course and hope I don’t have to take it again, but if I do I’ll definitely be using your Web site.
    Jim R – Fairfield, CT
  • Ken V

    I searched the internet to find a class that looked like it was both reputable and would meet my requirements. You never know with the internet. But when I took your class I found it to be really informative and the information seemed really well researched. It was definitely worth it!
    Ken V – East Bangor, ME
  • David C

    Thanks for making the course so easy!
    David C – Tulsa, OK
  • Carol M

    My son needed to take a MIP Class in order to clear up a problem he had at his college. This was definitely the easiest way to take care of the problem and he told me that the class was both informative and easy to use.
    Carol M – Detroit, MI

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