15-Hour Drug Offender Education Class

15 Hour Classes on Drug Education

For Drug Education, Court or Personal Needs

OnlineDrugClass.com is pleased to present our 15-Hour Drug Offender Education Program (DOEP). These online courses are ideal for court-ordered, employment or personal growth requirements. The comprehensive 15 hour program is designed to educate students about the risks and consequences of using or abusing alcohol and other drugs. This class can be taken to increase drug awareness, preempt a problem, or address non-compliance.

Comprehensive Drug Education

Our 15 Hour Drug Offender Education Class covers a variety of topics including:

  • Differences between illegal and legal drugs
  • What drug abuse costs society
  • Abuse of specific drugs including alcohol, marijuana, meth and prescription drugs
  • Health effects of alcohol and other drugs including aids and HIV
  • Differences between drug use, drug abuse and drug addiction
  • Drug combinations
  • How communication and relationships are critical steps in recovery and prevention
  • Preventing relapse
  • Other DOEP topics

Convenient Online Course

An online course is a great option for somebody who doesn’t have the time or ability to attend an in-person drug education class. Our online drug education class has the same expert written materials and content as a live course. The online class can be taken from any computer with internet access. It’s also completely self-paced meaning you can take as much or as little of the class in a sitting. This means that you control the learning experience. If you’re tired you can take a break and resume your course later when you feel fresher and more rested.

All you need to take our online class is a computer with internet access. There’s no software to download or documents to print out. Everything is done right inside your web browser. The course can be taken on anything from a laptop computer to an iPad or smart phone.

Who Should Take This Class?

If you have a class requirement that meets any of the following criteria, then you should consider this online class:

  • 15-Hour Drug Offender Education
  • 15-Week Drug Education
  • 15-Hour DOEP
  • 15-Hour Alcohol & Drug Awareness
  • 15-Week Alcohol & Drug Awareness

If you're not sure, please contact our U.S. based customer service and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Priced at $229 , the program is also Rated 5/5 based on 51 customer reviews.

Free Completion Certificate

Upon completing the class, we will immediately send your certificate of completion via US Mail free of charge. This certificate serves as proof that you have completed the requirements for a 15 hour class.

Customers Love Our Classes!

Here are just some recent reviews we received for our 15 Hour Drug Offender Education Program:

  • It was a great way to take the course. I appreciate it! Rated 5/5 (John M. – Dallas,TX)
  • Thank you the course was informing and helpful to me in many ways. Rated 5/5 (Forest T. – Austin, TX)
  • It was a great course. Very informative. I really did learn a lot I didn't know. Thank You! Rated 5/5 (Joseph H. – Houston, TX)
  • Great course, and loved the convenience of being at home. Nice not to have to drive to the DOEP each week. Rated 5/5 (Amanda P. – Galveston, TX)
  • Definitely a time saver. It really changed my perspective on drugs and alcohol. Rated 4.5/5 (Michael G. – Plano, TX)

Please Note: It is your responsibility to verify if this class is accepted for your individual court requirement. This is a distance-learning course that was created for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not allow online programs. Although this online program includes a money-back guarantee, verify with your court to find out if they accept online Drug Offender Education Classes.

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