Alcohol Education

24 Hour Level 3 Alcohol Awareness Class

For Court Requirements, Work or Personal Needs is the leading provider of online educational classes in the nation. Our courses address the issues related to the use of drugs and alcohol. This online 24 Hour Level 3 Alcohol Awareness Class fulfills any 24-Hour or Level 3 requirement. This course is suitable for court, personal growth or school related alcohol education for minors. This Level 3 program is our most comprehensive course and was developed by top internet education researchers to give a rich learning experience in a simple-to-complete format.

This 24-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class is also approved for the following court orders:

  • 24 Hour Alcohol Education Class
  • 24 Week Alcohol Education Class
  • Level 3 Alcohol Education Class
  • 24 Hour Alcohol Drug Class
  • 24 Week Alcohol Drug Class
  • Level 3 Alcohol Drug Class
  • 24 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 24 Week Alcohol Awareness Class
  • Level 3 Alcohol Awareness Class

This nationally accepted alcohol education program is available anywhere you access the internet. Convenient tools such as automatic bookmarking technology make it easy for you to start and stop as your schedule permits. To begin, simply login from your computer, tablet or smartphone, and our user-friendly learning software will guide the way. Priced at $319 .

Approval Guaranteed

This industry-leading 24-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class meets the national requirements for alcohol education. We guarantee that your state will accept the class, or we’ll issue a full refund of your money.

Same Day Certification

We will process your Certificate of Completion on the same day that you complete your course. This certification will be shipped to you free of charge and serves as proof that you have fulfilled the 24-Hour course requirements. Need it fast? We offer overnight shipping options as well to suit any need.

In Depth Alcohol Awareness Education

The comprehensive alcohol awareness curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Why Do People Drink Alcohol?
  • Alcohol History: Past and Present
  • Adding up the Costs of DUI
  • Health Risks of High Risk Drinking
  • The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks
  • Blood Alcohol Level and Behavioral Effects
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse – Learn the Patterns of
  • Alcohol Use Goes Hand in Hand with Crime
  • Learning More About Addiction
  • Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

24 Hour Alcohol Education Class

  • Meets Requirements for Level 3 Class
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Completion Certificate Shipped Free
  • Study on Your Timetable
  • Learn Faster and Remember It Better
  • World-Class Customer Support
  • U.S. based Program
  • No Additional Fees

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