Substance Abuse Classes

16 Hour Level 2 Class on Substance Abuse

For Drug Education, Work or Personal Needs

Our 16-Hour Substance Abuse Classes are approved to satisfy any court-ordered 16-Hour or Level 2 drug education requirement. This nationally recognized program is ideal for legal or work-related drug education needs.

Top experts in online learning designed the web-based curriculum to be comprehensive and easy-to-follow. Save time and skip the classroom using our flexible online substance abuse class.

Select this course to fulfill any of the following requirements:

  • 16-Hour Drug Education
  • 16-Hour Drug Awareness
  • 16-Week Drug Education
  • 16-Week Drug Awareness
  • Level 2 Drug Education
  • Level 2 Drug Awareness

Using an internet connection, this program can be accessed from any PC, Mac or mobile device. With intuitive guides and user-friendly tools like automatic bookmarking, you can complete the course around your schedule. The hassle-free approach to faster learning consistently earns five out of five satisfaction ratings from customers. Priced at $249, the program is also has received rave reviews (see below).

Approved and Guaranteed

Our 16-Hour substance abuse classes adhere to stringent state and national drug education requirements. We guarantee that the court will accept your class, or you’ll get your money back.

Free Completion Certificate

Participants who complete our online substance abuse classes will receive a Certificate of Completion via U.S.P.S as part of the $249 course price. We provide same-day processing for all certificates, and same-day shipping is available as well if you’re in a hurry.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Classes

This 16-Hour Level 2 Drug Awareness Class spans a wide range of topics, including:

  • Drug & alcohol abuse – recognize the signs
  • Legal vs. illegal drugs
  • Who pays for the consequences of alcohol and drug problems?
  • Drug use and its effects on Your body
  • Effects of marijuana and the brain
  • Drug interactions
  • Where does your drug use habit fit in?
  • Stopping relapse

16 Hour Drug Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 30 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

Very informative and comprehensive. I learned a great deal. The 16 hour drug education class is well worth the time and money spent. Thank you.

Turin D

The 16 hour drug education program opened my eyes to key factors in staying clean!!! I learned a lot of different ways to put myself in better positions, where relapse would have been possible. Thanks for taking the time to make this information so easily available! I'm glad my admittance took place before a more catastrophic event took place. I'm definitely taking abstinence to a new and serious level!!! Thanks again

Chelsea W

I took the 16 hour drug class and feel this is an innovative and educational way to persuade people to stop using drugs. The information was great and I liked taking it around my schedule. The quizzes were helpful too.

Alisya R

This is a very informative class. My knowledge of substance use/abuse has dramatically increased. I not only learned a lot but I really enjoyed it. Perhaps you could include more videos, they were great!

Kelsey K

Very interesting and useful information presented in an easy to use format. I liked taking it online, it was simple and there were no glitches. The numeric values were a bit hard to remember if taking the course over several days. But overall the 16 hour drug education program was excellent.

Cissily R

This course really opened my eyes to the problems that have happened and all those that could happen in the future if I continue to abuse drugs. Really good relapse information. I am going to change my ways now or something much worse could happen. Thank you for educating me on the dangers of drugs.

Kelly C

Please Note: It is your responsibility to verify which drug awareness classes are accepted for your court requirement. This online program was developed for educational use only. Some jurisdictions and DMVs do not accept online courses. Although we offer a money-back guarantee, please consult with your court or other legal organization to verify whether they will accept these substance abuse classes .

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