Drug Awareness Classes

20-Hour Level 2 Drug Awareness Class

For Drug Education or Substance Abuse Requirements

Our 20-Hour Drug Education Class will satisfy your 20 hour or Level 2 requirement. This online course is suitable for court-ordered, employment or personal growth. Created by some of the most respected experts in online education, this course was designed to be simple and affordable.

This course also fulfills the following requirements:

  • 20-Hour Drug Education
  • 20-Hour Drug Awareness Class
  • 20-Hour Substance Abuse Class
  • 20-Week Drug Education
  • 20-Week Drug Awareness Class
  • Level 2 Drug Education
  • Level 2 Drug Awareness Class

Like all of our educational courses, this one was designed by industry experts to make learning as efficient as possible. The only thing you will need for this class is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone. The proprietary learning software guides you through the course content and makes your learning experience seamless. Only $299, the Drug Education Class is also highly rated by our customers. Read our reviews below!

Free Completion Certificate

Once you complete your online course, we’ll immediately mail you a certificate of completion free of charge. This certificate serves as proof that you have successfully completed a 20 hour Drug Education Course.

In Depth Drug Education

This drug education course will discuss a number of topics including:

  • Learning about different types of drugs
  • Understanding how drugs affect the mind and body
  • Drugs have short and long-term effects
  • Quantity-frequency-pattern for drug use
  • Drugs go hand in hand with crime
  • Understanding and controlling stress & emotions
  • How communication helps
  • Legal implications of substance abuse

20 Hour Drug Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

I liked how thorough the 20 hour drug education class was. It was also user friendly. There is a lot of reading but the information opened my eyes. I thought the class was beneficial and informative.

Chris W

I was able to do this while working from my computer. The 20 hour drug class was very useful at helping identifying what causes addiction and how to avoid drugs so you can recover. Highly recommend.

Dylan O

Very simple to use. Thought it was going to be boring to read, but it wasn't. I actually learned a lot and am glad I took the course. So much better than taking a class in person. Thank you for offering it.

Jake M

I wanted to take the 20 hour drug education class to learn more about my family. I found it to be very informative and really helped with understanding not only my own behavior but the behaviors of a close relative. Great course.

Hayden S

The 20 hour drug education program takes a few days but I liked it. It was very informative and ultimately a good use of my time. The course opened my eyes to what addiction can do not just to myself, but to my family and to others I've never met.

Shay N

Please Note: It is the student’s responsibility to verify that this class is accepted for their specific requirement. This online course was created for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not allow online programs. Although this program includes a money-back guarantee, please verify with your court to find out if they allow online Drug Education Classes.

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