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8 Hour Level 1 Drug Class

For Drug Court, Personal or Business

Our 8 Hour Level 1 Drug Class has been created to satisfy any 8-Hour or Level 1 drug education requirement. This online course is suitable for court, personal growth or work related drug education. Developed by online education experts, this course was created to be both comprehensive and easy to understand.

This class also fulfills the following requirements:

  • 8-Hour Drug Education
  • 8-Hour Drug Substance Abuse
  • 8-Hour Drug Awareness
  • 8-Week Drug Awareness
  • 8-Week Drug Education
  • Level 1 Drug Education
  • Level 1 Drug Awareness

Like all our Substance Abuse Classes, this 8-Hour course was developed by industry experts to be simple to follow and highly educational. This nationally-accepted program can be taken from any computer with internet access and it works around your schedule. Priced at $149, the program is also is very affordable compared to in-person options.

Free Certificate of Completion

When you finish the class, you will receive a drug education certificate of completion shipped to you free via US Mail. This certificate serves as proof that you have completed the requirements for an 8-Hour Drug Abuse Class.

Comprehensive Drug Education

This course covers a number of topics including:

  • What is drug/substance abuse
  • What distinguishes illegal and legal drugs
  • Why people start using drugs
  • Stories of drug abuse
  • Impact of drug abuse on society
  • How to avoid relapse
  • Basic skills that can help with addiction
  • Learning new behavior to stop drug use

8 Hour Drug Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

I learned a lot about behavior of alcohol and drugs and found this very informative. The 8 hour drug course opened my eyes. Add more videos if possible. Thanks!

Kendra B

Great way of doing it (timer on each page) loved that I could do it on my mobile phone internet too. Saved me a lot of time I would have missed at work compared to taking the 8 hour drug class in town.

Micheal D

Very Informative and easy to navigate! Court accepted class without a problem. Thanks!

Virgilio M

Absolutely fantastic. Easy to use, incredibly convenient, and resourceful. As someone who cannot take time off from work to take a live class, this online version allowed me mold my life around it. Being able to start a chapter before work and finishing it/completing more of the course after work is ultimately satisfying. Great price too!

Clark F

The course was very helpful. I was able to still work as well as learn how such a bad decision can damage my life. I'm glad I took this 8 hour drug class.

Anami S

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