Alcohol Awareness Class Online

8 Hour Level 1 Alcohol Awareness Class

For Court, Work or Personal Needs

Our 8-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class is designed for anyone who has been asked to complete 8-Hour or Level 1 alcohol awareness education. The course carries nationwide approval, making it easier for you to satisfy your court, personal or job-related needs. Developed by top experts in internet-based education, this 8-Hour class provides high-quality information in a flexible, easy-to-follow format. Unsure if this is the right course for you? This program is approved for all of the following mandates:

  • 8 Hour Alcohol Education Class
  • 8 Week Alcohol Education Class
  • Level 1 Alcohol Education Class
  • 8 Hour Alcohol Drug Class
  • 8 Week Alcohol DrugClass
  • Level 1 Alcohol Drug Class
  • 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class
  • 8 Week Alcohol Awareness Class
  • Level 1 Alcohol Awareness Class

This 100% online course curriculum is available anywhere you access the internet. All you’ll need is a computer, laptop or mobile device, and you’re ready to get started. Registration is simple, and the user-friendly software program guides progress every step of the way. Priced at $149 .

100% Guaranteed

Our 8-Hour Level 1 Alcohol Awareness Class is accepted nationwide to satisfy legal requirements. We guarantee that our courses will approved by your court, or we’ll send your money back.

Proof of Completion

When you finish the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to show that you have completed the requirements for an 8-Hour, or Level 1, Alcohol Awareness Class. This service is free of charge, and we offer additional options for overnight shipping should your situation require it.

Comprehensive Alcohol Awareness

This 8-Hour class covers a range of subjects including:

  • Alcohol abuse – recognize the signs
  • What are drugs?
  • What does alcohol do to your body?
  • Alcohol: past & present
  • Drunken driving crash shattered teen’s life
  • Risk and consequences of alcohol use
  • Statistics for alcohol and young rrivers
  • Do the patterns of alcohol fit you?
  • Risks for relapse or reoffense
  • Understanding and controlling stress and emotions

8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class

  • Meets Requirements for 8-Hour or Level 1 Class
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Approved in Your State
  • Fast Free Certificate of Completion
  • Study on Your Timetable
  • Learn Faster and Remember It Longer
  • World-Class Customer Support
  • No Hidden Fees

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