PC1000 26-Hour Deferred Entry of Judgment Program

In the State of California, the 26-hour Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) program – known as the PC1000 course, as it is connected to California Penal Code statute 1000 – can be taken following a drug arrest. If you have recently been arrested for a first-time drug offense, or your son or daughter has been charged with a first-time drug crime, we encourage you to explore this option further.

A drug offense can have a severe impact on your quality of life. However, if you are a first-time drug offender, it may be possible to avoid criminal prosecution and instead have your case deferred. If your case is deferred, you will be subject to a probationary period, during which you will complete a drug education and rehabilitation program. Completing these probationary requirements may be accepted in lieu of a criminal sentence, and in many cases, can help you also overcome your drug dependency as well. Needless to say, the benefits are clear.

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What Is It?

The 26-hour Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) program, or PC1000 course as it’s commonly known, is a course that eligible individuals can enroll in in lieu of criminal prosecution. Enrollment in the course must be approved by a judge, and only individuals who have been charged with a first-time drug offense are eligible. The purpose of the course is simple: to aid first-time drug offenders in overcoming a drug dependency so that they can return to a healthy life of normalcy.

Individuals who are interested in completing the PC1000 course must satisfy several requirements:

  • Be a first-time drug offender
  • Voluntarily accept admission into the program
  • Plead guilty to the appropriate charge
  • Pay a restitution fee between $100 and $1000

In addition, the defendant will be required to cover all expenses related to the course, including admission fees. For this reason, we strive at Online Drug Class to make our PC1000 Deferred Entry of Judgment course as accessible as possible.

Once the defendant meets these requirements, the charges may be dropped and expunged from the defendant’s record permanently, allowing him or her to continue seeking employment without having to worry about the burden of shouldering a drug conviction. Put simply, if you’ve been charged with a first-time drug offence, the Deferred Entry of Judgment course can help you regain your life.

The Benefits of Our PC1000 Course

Our online 26-hour Deferred Entry of Judgment Course is a great option to avoid an in-person class. It’s affordable and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. If a judge has given you permission to take a PC1000 program, this course is perfect for you. It's easy to understand and allows you to study at your own pace. Plus, it has been proven to be effective. With our online PC1000 course, you can avoid going to a physical classroom altogether!!

PC-1000 DEJ Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

This class was deeper and more informative than I expected. I learned so much, I feel much better and much more confident now! Thank you.

Lillian W

The PC - 1000 drug offender education program was very informative although I thought I wouldn't like it..it came through very helpful.

Nathan O

This class was amazing...thank you for making it so observant and realistic....you guys did a great job!!!!! I'd recommend anyone to take this class.

Ken M

It was a great program overall. The PC-1000 drug offender education class is so compiled with awesome information! This course would help anyone wanting to change their life.

Parul S

This was a very helpful class and the ability to do it online made it possible for me to complete it even with my busy school and work schedule. Much less expensive than taking it in person too, which I was grateful for. If you need a class for California, definitely take the online PC-1000 drug offender education class.

Miles D

Please Note: It is your responsibility to determine whether this Deferred Entry of Judgment class is accepted for your particular requirement. This is a distance-learning course meant for educational purposes only. Some courts do not recognize online programs. California courts usually require an in-person class for CA residents. Although our program includes a money-back guarantee, it’s in your best interest to check with your court or other legal organization to determine if they accept this class.

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