Alcohol Awareness Classes in New Hampshire presents the most comprehensive online alcohol classes in New Hampshire. We offer a Level 1 (8 hour), Level 2 (12 hour and 16 hour), and Level 3 (24 hour) online Alcohol Awareness and Education Courses.

These alcohol awareness classes New Hampshire are perfect for fulfilling a court alcohol awareness class requirement, employer requirements, or simply for personal growth and learning. Our courses are internet-based and self-paced, so they can be accessed from any Mac, PC, or mobile browsing device.

Our alcohol education programs in New Hampshire have been designed and written by experts in the field. They have designed them to be easy to use, fun, and educational. And everything included in the course content meets all the requirements that are issued by the state of New Hampshire.

Once you complete the course you’ll be issued a certificate of completion in the mail and the delivery is 100% free.

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Alcohol Awareness Classes

Class Price
8 Hour (Level 1) Alcohol Awareness Class $149 Register Now Register
12 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $199 Register Now Register
16 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $249 Register Now Register
20 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $299 Register Now Register
24 Hour (Level 3) Alcohol Awareness Class $319 Register Now Register
30 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class $339 Register Now Register
36 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class $399 Register Now Register
Victim Impact Panel $29 Register Now Register

Getting started is easy – here’s everything you need to know!

How do I sign up for the course?

Registering for the online alcohol awareness programs is really easy since everything is online. Once you select your course you will be able to assign a user ID and password for your account. This way you can log in and out of the course whenever it’s convenient for you and work in multiple sessions.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and make it possible for you to submit all your payment information right from your computer. We employ SSL-encryption technology to offer you the most secure processing site for all your personal information.

How does the course work?

There are multiple units in the online alcohol course that you can work at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You can come and go as you please, logging in and out anytime. There are short quizzes after every unit for review and since you can take them as many times as you need, there is no pressure.

What happens when I finish the course?

As soon as you complete the entire course our support team will process your completion certificate. It will be mailed to you at home for no charge at all, but if you need it right away we also offer overnight delivery for a small additional fee. You will be able to choose your delivery method and address you would like to have it sent to when you register for the course.

Alcohol Classes New Hampshire

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