Alcohol Awareness Classes in Newfoundland is your ticket to fulfilling any needs for alcohol awareness programs with the convenience and affordability you want. We offer courses that start at 8 hours in length and go all the way to 24 hours, so we have one for you no matter what your infraction or reason is for taking the course.

These online alcohol awareness classes Newfoundland offer the convenience of being online, so you get the flexibility to work from the comfort of your own home. Everything is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, so you can work from a PC, Mac, or even your iPad.

Our alcohol education programs Newfoundland were each developed by an expert in the field, so they include all the information that you need to successfully fulfill a court or employer requirement in Newfoundland. Every one of the online alcohol abuse programs is easy-to-use and keeps you engaged and interacted the whole time.

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Alcohol Awareness Classes

Class Price
8 Hour (Level 1) Alcohol Awareness Class $149 Register Now Register
12 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $199 Register Now Register
16 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $249 Register Now Register
20 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness Class $299 Register Now Register
24 Hour (Level 3) Alcohol Awareness Class $319 Register Now Register
30 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class $339 Register Now Register
36 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class $399 Register Now Register
Victim Impact Panel $29 Register Now Register

Getting started is easy – here’s everything you need to know!

What do I need to get started?

Everything you need for the course is online and that includes the sign-up process. Once you select the course you want to take, you can fill out the registration form with your basic info and choose a user ID and password for your account. This will allow you to log in and out from any location and always have access to your course.

Is there a time limit?

All our courses are designed to be done at your own pace, so you will never feel rushed. You can log in and out anytime and work on it in as many sessions as you need.

What does the course look like?

Each of the online alcohol awareness classes is broken into separate units that cover all the required information with fun and interactive features, so you’re never bored. You only need an 80% to pass the chapter review quizzes and can take them as many times as you need.

When do I pay for the course?

You will need to pay for the course before you can get started, but you can do that online too. We accept all major credit cards and process your payment immediately, so you can get to work right away.

When do I get a certificate of completion?

Your certificate of completion is what you will need to show the court or your employer that you have taken a Newfoundland alcohol education class. It is processed the moment you finish the course and mailed right to your home for free. You can choose an expedited delivery method if you need it sooner, for a small additional fee.

Alcohol Classes Newfoundland

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