Saltville Virginia Alcohol Awareness Classes

Online Drug Class presents the most comprehensive online alcohol classes available to residents of Saltville Virginia. We offer Level 1 (8 hour), Level 2 (12 and 16 hour) and Level 3 (24 hour) online Alcohol Awareness and Education Courses.

Our Saltville Virginia alcohol awareness classes are ideally suited to meet a court-ordered alcohol class requirement or simply for personal growth. these classes are 100% self-paced and can be taken from any computer. A certificate of completion is sent to you at the end of the class.

Our alcohol awarenessclasses have been developed and written by professionals. We created our course to be both easy to use and educational. The course contains the class content that are accepted nationwide and meet or exceed Saltville Virginia requirements. Users will find a variety of different content in the alcohol awareness course including pictures, illustrations and videos.

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Virginia Drug Class Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay for my class?

Online Drug Class accepts all payment types. You can pay for the course online with VISA, MasterCard and American Express. State of the art encryption technology is used to prevent fraud and ensure your security with all internet transactions. Or, you may call Customer Care at (775) 434-8753 and pay by phone and begin the Saltville Virginia course immediately.

2. What is the price for the online drug class?

The price for the Saltville Virginia drug education class depends on the course level and length. The 8 hour (level 1) class is $149, the 12 hour (level 2) class is $199, the 16 hour (level 2) class is $249, and the 24 hour (level 3) class is $319.

3. What do I have to do to take the Saltville Virginia drug awareness class?

It's simple! Read the Saltville Virginia drug awareness course material and answer the questions which appear. Take the final quiz which will appear at the end of the course. It is made up of multiple-choice questions pertaining to the course material. If you don't pass the final quiz, you can re-take it until you do - with NO additional charges.

4. Can I take the Saltville Virginia class from 2 different computers?

Yes. You are not restricted to taking the Saltville Virginia online drug class from a single computer. You can login to one computer to take part of the course and another computer to take the rest of the course. As long as both computers have internet access, you should have no problem.

5. May I start and stop the Online Drug Class course if needed?

Yes. The Online Drug Class Saltville Virginia drug awareness class can work around your busy schedule, and you can start and stop unlimited times when you take the class. Our Online Drug Class website can resume where you left off!

6. How will I receive my Certificate of Completion for the drug awareness class?

Your Certificate of Completion for the drug education course will be mailed to you by first class mail. Finish the course by 1pm Mountain Time (Mon-Fri) and your Saltville Virginia Certificate will be processed the same day! Fast overnight delivery is also available.

7. How long does the Saltville Virginia online drug class last?

You can take the Saltville Virginia class at your own pace. The drug awareness class is broken up into sessions and the time to take the course will vary from one person to another. The total length of the class varies based on which version you signed up for.

8. How many quizzes are there in the Saltville Virginia drug education class?

There is a short quiz after some pages in the class. The Saltville Virginia drug education class quizzes are meant to prepare you for the Saltville Virginia final exam, and they do not count against your overall score. When taking the final exam, you must score 80% in order to pass. However, at no additional charge, you may re-take the final exam as many times as necessary in order to get the passing grade.

9. Does this class work on iPads?

Our Saltville Virginia drug class is compatible with iPads and iPhones. It also works on other mobile devices such as Android smart phones and tablets. Basically any device with a web browser should be able to access Online Drug Class.

10. Will your class work on a Mac?

Yes! This Saltville Virginia drug course has been designed to work on both Macs running OSX and PCs running Windows. All you need is a standard web browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and internet access.

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