Avoiding Peer Pressure

Are you ever worried that you may be exposed to drugs? Perhaps you've already been in a situation where you've been offered marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, or some other illegal substance? Did you fall prey to peer pressure or were you dangerously close to participating in the act? If you feel this situation may reoccur, then keep reading. Below, you'll find helpful tips that can help you avoid peer pressure and drugs.

Just Say "NO!"

Avoiding peer pressure can be challenging and research indicates, that many teenagers try drugs for fear of not fitting in to their peer group. It takes a strong and confident person to avoid feeling the pinch of peer pressure. Can you identify with the following suggestions:

  • Building Self-Esteem

    • In order to successfully avoid peer pressure and not use drugs, you need a good amount of self-esteem. If you feel comfortable and confident with yourself, you're less likely to try drugs or be persuaded to do something out of character. To accomplish this, surround yourself with positive people who like you for being you. Also, try finding different aspects about yourself that you enjoy.
  • Know your Friends

    • Do you surround yourself with smart and healthy people? If you tend to spend time with people who regularly use drugs, then you are at high risk to be pressured or to dabble in drugs yourself. By choosing friends who do not use drugs makes it much more likely to avoid using illegal substances.
  • Consider the Consequences

    • Though using drugs may seem fun or necessary at the time, it's important to consider the consequences that could adversely effect you. Before you agree to try pot, coke, ecstasy, or heroin, think about the risks. For example, any of these drugs could be laced with something poisonous or harmful. Or, if you are caught, you could face arrests, fines, and even jail time. Taking this chance, could taint your record for life.
  • Stay Strong — Don't Do Drugs

    • Standing up to peers is tough, but it also builds character. Do you want to be a follower or would you rather be your own person? Nothing good comes from using drugs, but staying strong and standing your ground builds character! If you feel as if you or someone you know could benefit from a drug awareness course, then contact us today.