Consequences of Failing a Drug Test

Have you ever failed a drug test or worried that you could fail one? Depending on your particular situation, you could find yourself being required to take and pass a drug test. Drug tests are given for various reasons, including employment, probation, and getting caught with drugs by parents or law enforcement. If you happen to fail a drug test, there are consequences that could turn your life upside down. If you currently use drugs, then sign up for a drug education class. Not only can these courses help you meet court orders, but getting more educated on drugs is your best defense against getting into serious trouble.

Pass or Fail

Have you been in a situation where you were expected to pass a drug test? What happens if you don't pass? Do you miss a great job opportunity? Upset your parents? or disobey probation? It is not in your best interest to fail a drug test.


If you fail a drug test for a company that you're seeking employment at, it is unlikely that you will get the job. A failed drug test makes an unforgettable and unfavorable impression. If you fail a drug test for a company you're already working for, then there's a high probability that you'll be terminated immediately. You should always be aware of your company's policy on drugs or decide not to use drugs in the first place.

Return to Duty

When it comes to work, if you fail a drug test but don’t get fired, you may have to take a "return to duty" drug test before you can start working again. If this happens, you will want to make sure you pass this test. If you fail two drug tests for one company, not only are you likely to be fired, but the company won't be able to recommend you to other places of employment.


You may face serious consequences if you fail a drug test while on probation. In these situations, the probation officer may write a report for the judge. Then, the judge will determine your course of punishment. You could be given a warning or you could be sent to jail. Needless to say, this will not put you in good standing with the court.

Don’t Do Drugs

As you can see, doing drugs and failing a drug test can have a great impact on your future. It's best to avoid drugs and the problems that arise from using them. If you already use or abuse drugs, then get help now. Start by enrolling in a drug education class. Consider the future and life you want!