Helping a Friend to Kick the Smoking Habit

Do you have a friend who smokes cigarettes and this habit upsets you? As you already know, getting someone else to quit smoking is the challenge of the century. People who smoke, are very protective of their habit despite how awful it is to everyone around them. Smokers are very stubborn. They will often chose smoking over relationships when ultimatums are presented. Here are some ideas we've put together to help someone you care about quit this awful and destructive habit.

Share How Worried You Are

You've undoubtedly shared your concern, upset, or outrage with your friend already but have you shared your worry? If you smoker friend is suffering from problems such as distraction, coughing, irritability or anything else you've noticed, sit down and share your concern. They might not realize how the smoking is affecting them. Be compassionate and share your observations. Your friend or loved one needs to understand that you're genuinely worried about their health. Convey how important they are to you and that you don’t want to lose them to such a bad habit.

Create a List

If your friend is open, ask them to make a list of why they should continue smoking and why they should stop. Write this down on paper so they can see for themselves the pros and cons. This is a very "real" picture of the truth that can help them face reality. You can also ask them how they think their smoking affects you and the relationship.

Offer Your Help

Your friend may need help to quit. If you suspect this, then offer to help. Be cautious though as many smokers are not successful initially and take many times to quit. Set a plan and boundaries in place before you agree to help. Suggest an online tobacco course or hypnotherapist to help. Make sure that your friend knows how you will be there to assist and what will happen if they fail. Will it ruin the friendship? You don't want a situation where they feel compelled to lie. If they know they have a helping hand, then they may be more inclined to quit smoking.

Be Positive and Supportive

It's not always easy to stay positive when it comes to cigarette smoke. However, backing your friend into a corner will only make things worse. Being supportive will be difficult and you have to define what that looks like for both of you. Being supportive is great if you can do it without getting upset if there is a relapse.

Don't Give Up

Sometimes you will want to give up on your friend and the friendship. Express these feelings to your friend and share how helpless you feel. It may be necessary to set boundaries instead of giving up completely on the relationship. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most addictive drugs out there and quitting is hard. Be compassionate but clear on your boundaries or you will end up feeling angry and resentful.

Offer avenues that could help them, including enrolling in an online drug class.