What Smoking Does to Your Looks

Smoking is not as glamorous as it appears and can badly damage your physical appearance. Not only does smoking harm your body, but it changes your looks. Smoking dulls your skin, darkens your teeth, and causes wrinkles to form around your lips, but this is only part of the story. Here are some other ways smoking hinders your appearance:

Ugly Teeth

The nicotine in cigarettes badly stains your teeth but it also can make them fall out. Smoking cigarettes puts you at risk for dental problems too such as oral cancer and gum disease. Smoker's tend to have chronically bad breath which can also make you less attractive.

Premature Wrinkles

No one wants to get wrinkles on their face. It's common for wrinkles to show up on young people who smoke cigarettes. Experts agree that smoking does cause a person to age faster, making them look older than what they actually are. Wrinkles usually appear around the mouth where people "pucker".

Yellow Fingers

Nicotine stains your fingers and finger nails. Though there are home remedies that could possibly help or assist with the staining, the easiest cure would be to stop smoking.

Thinning Hair

Smoking cigarettes is known to harm your hair. The toxic chemicals in smoke can damage the DNA in hair follicles. Therefore, those who smoke generally have a tendency to have thinner hair and go gray sooner.


Because nicotine causes vasoconstriction, wounds take longer to heal and can leave unsightly scars.

Just Avoid Smoking

Now that you know smoking can harm your body and level of attractiveness, you can see why it's important to avoid this unhealthy habit. Most people think these problems won't happen to them but that is a form of denial. The idea that smoking makes people more attractive is just that, an idea. The reality is that smoking is damaging your looks.