420 Is Time for Online Drug Education Course

by Mike Miller July 28, 2013

Have you ever celebrated “4-20?” If you even know what it means that in itself is a symbol of how pervasive the marijuana culture has become in our society.

Did you know that medical marijuana dispensaries actually increase their staff and offer all kinds of specials on April 20th? Sales on the 20th of April are usually three times that of any other average day! Why do the sick need extra medicine on that day?

What the heck is 4-20 and why do potheads celebrate on that day?

It is believed that the term 420 actually originated among a group of teenagers who lived in San Rafael, California in the early 1970s. This group referred to themselves as the Waldos, which was named after a wall outside their school that became their favorite hang-out spot. The group of teens had heard about an abandoned cannabis crop in the area, so in the Fall of 1971 they decided to search for it together. They designated their meeting place as the high school at 4:20 pm and this became the earliest known usage of the term.

There were many other referrals to the term 420 as time went on. Steven Hager, famed High Times editor, deemed 4:20 pm the socially accepted hour of the day to begin consuming cannabis. This quickly became the mantra of followers of the band The Grateful Dead.

So next April, instead of getting high, sign up for a drug course with friends. Or if you prefer to get educated by yourself, consider taking an online drug program.

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