4/20 Creates Greater Need for Colorado Drug Educational Program

by: Mike Miller

Do you live in an area that celebrates April 20th as some sort of holiday? Do you know what is celebrated on 4-20?

It was 4/20 time again last week. For those who aren't part of the millennial generation, 4/20 is unofficial "Weed Day" in America – a counter-culture phenomenon that has drawn up to 10,000 marijuana legalization activists at college campuses in the U.S. in recent years. As reported in www.usnews.com.

In years past, Weed Day counter-culture "holiday" celebrations have taken place on April 20 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, in several Canadian cities, at the University of Colorado at Boulder and elsewhere. Weed Day has also migrated to other parts of the world.

Where did the concept of 4/20 as a way to celebrate marijuana smoking originate? One claim is that it originated on a flyer at a Grateful Dead concert in 1990 that referred to "420ing" (smoking pot) on April 20, and that in part has led to successive celebrations on April 20.

Another theory is that a group of high school friends known as "the Waldos" at a San Rafael, Calif., high school coined the term "4/20" in the 1970s as the designated time of the day to smoke pot after school. By fits and starts, 4/20 is either a time of day for pot smoking or a counter-culture day of rebellion that travelled mostly by word of mouth.

How do you feel about this holiday? Is this just another reason for stoners to get high? They sure do not seem to need a reason. It is more like another day to flaunt their bad habit in public.