Alcohol Awareness Class Could save You From Series of Bad Decisions

by Mike Miller November 20, 2012

I recently blogged about a friend of mine named John. This was a man I, and many others, thought had it all. He was a professional with a family and very active with his kids, his church, and his community.

Then drugs took control of his life. He realizes the first bad decision was to start drinking. Once he rationalized his drinking he tried smoking marijuana. Bad decision number three was thinking he could experiment with cocaine, crystal meth and prescription medications.

His use of drugs and medications, let’s not forget alcohol, clouded his mind and he continued to make bad judgments. While he never got a driving under the influence violation (DUI), he admits he drove “messed up” hundreds of times.

You not only make bad decisions when you are on drugs, the toxins themselves start to ruin your brain. Not only are irreplaceable brain cells killed, but the brain itself is damaged.

Have you ever made a bad decision when you were intoxicated on drugs or alcohol? The odds are that if you ever have been high on either, you have made poor decisions. Start with the good decision not to drink alcohol or use drugs. Learn more with an alcohol awareness class at Each decision you make after that will at least have a fighting chance!

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