Are Arizona Alcohol Classes Partially Responsible for Fewer DUIs?

by Mike Miller June 17, 2012

There is no doubt that increased education has a positive effect when it comes to making smart choices with respect to drugs and alcohol. Virtually all driving under the influence (DUI) offenders are mandated to take an alcohol awareness class. Could these classes be a reason behind fewer DUI arrests over the holidays?

In the state of Arizona this past Memorial Day weekend there were 547 arrests for DUI. This according to

Arizona employed more than 1,800 officers working DUI checkpoints to nab intoxicated drivers.

Of the 547 arrests, authorities say 148 were for extreme DUI. That's when a driver has a blood-alcohol level of .15 percent or more. The legal limit to operate a vehicle in Arizona is .08 percent.

Despite the seemingly high arrest rate the numbers continue to show a three-year downward trend in Memorial Day DUI arrests.

Last year, 614 people were arrested for DUI with 183 cited for extreme DUI during that holiday weekend.

In the 2010 Memorial Day weekend, 849 drivers were arrested for DUI including 216 for extreme DUI.

Of the arrests, 19 were for under age DUI and minor in possession (MIP). That number is also a dip from last year's 33 arrests of underage drunken drivers.

Hopefully we will continue to see a drop in these rates. Meanwhile, more alcohol classes mean more people quit drinking or never start in the first place.

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