By Golly, the Scots Need a Drug Class

by Mike Miller August 27, 2012

Often associated with golf, sheep and a heavy brogue, Scotland is now becoming known as the drug capital of Europe.

Scotland has been revealed as being top of the European league table for illegal drug abuse. Almost one in ten Scots have admitted using Ecstasy, more than double the rate in most other countries.

Its survey found 9.3 per cent of people aged 16-59 had taken Ecstasy, which is regaining its popularity in Scotland after years in decline.

Scotland also had the greatest proportion of LSD users (5.8 per cent), and the third highest cocaine problem (8.4 per cent), after England and Wales, and Sweden.

But although more than a quarter of people in Scotland have smoked cannabis, that was less than in Denmark, Italy, France and the Czech Republic.

The explanation is being placed on the downturn and the rise in youth unemployment for fuelling the use of drugs by young people.

Ecstasy has been linked to at least three deaths in the past two years. Drug classes are just beginning to take root in Europe. It is high time the Scottish government got proactive on substance abuse issues with more drug classes and counseling.

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