Could an Addiction Class Help with Your Itch for Your Mobile Device?

by Mike Miller October 15, 2013

Addictions occur in all facets of life. Most notably we hear about drug addictions, alcoholism and gambling problems. But people can become addicted to anything from exercise to religion to mobile devices.

A good addiction class explains the nature of addiction and how to overcome these enslaved tendencies. Are you addicted to your mobile device? As reported in

That uneasy feeling that often accompanies our first experience with a new technology quickly subsides, and we are won over. Sure, smartphones track us everywhere we go, but who worries about that when they’re so cool and useful?

Adapting to a new technology is like a love affair. The devices, apps and tools seduce us. It is easy to become dependent on them.

This new technology can be quite intimidating and even freaky. The first day I used Google Now, my phone buzzed to tell me I needed to leave in 15 minutes for my restaurant reservation, because there was traffic on the way.

The thing is, I had never told my phone I had a reservation. Or where I was, or the route I planned to take. Google had spotted the OpenTable reservation in my Gmail in-box, knew my phone’s location and checked Google Maps for traffic conditions.

I was creeped out. Am I going to become addicted to something else? I do have an addictive personality. Going through an online addiction course helped me recognize that I was becoming dependent on my technology. If you think you might be addicted to your mobile device, please try taking a good online drug class.

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