Do Indians Need 16 Hour Drug Classes?

by: Mike Miller

The answer to that headline is that of course people in India need 16 hour drug classes. Drug addiction is a global problem. What kind of efforts are administrators in India doing to combat a growing drug problem over there?

Lack of purpose and opportunity has long affected the younger generation in India. One place they seek solace is in drugs contributing to a severe social crisis. As reported in

Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of India's ruling Congress party, stirred controversy last month when he commented, during a visit to Punjab, that nearly 70% of youth in the state are addicted to drugs.

The problem has gotten so great that it has attracted the attention of Punjab state officials.

It has been estimated that on average, illegal drugs worth over $365 million USD are transported to Punjab annually. Police are able to confiscate only a fraction of that amount – perhaps as much as 20%.

So, what is being done to combat the drug problem besides trying to confiscate the drugs before they reach the users?

Alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating situation, the state government has launched a major awareness campaign, along with a drug de-addiction curriculum.

India is actually doing something I recommend here in America - as part of the 14-point program, teachers in all government-run schools conduct drug de-addiction classes.

Hopefully with efforts at mandatory drug classes the Punjab region will see a decline in drug use. I will follow the situation and keep you informed.