Do Not Board a Plane High!

by Mike Miller June 13, 2014

Being intoxicated on an airplane is never a good idea. Have you ever experienced air travel after ingesting too much of an intoxicating substance? If so, I am sure you will agree.

At least there’s no question about what this guy was smoking. As reported in

Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Sacramento, Calif., got to make a surprise stop in Portland, thanks to the behavior of a passenger who had apparently smoked “purple hash” prior to takeoff.

During the course of the flight, Sheron Lamar Rogers flashed gang signs, praised Jesus and demanded alcoholic drinks -- not necessarily in that order. Rogers was taken into custody at the Portland International Airport following his high-altitude antics and charged with interfering with flight crew members.

The incident with Rogers began when he boarded the plane Tuesday morning (March 4th) and claimed he had a first-class ticket, even though there was no first-class seating on the flight. Attendants then had to ask Rogers to stow his luggage three times. "I do what I want," Rogers replied. You know this is not going to end well.

After hitting the emergency button and demanding an alcoholic drink before the plane was even in the air, Rogers kept going when the plane reached its cruising altitude. Rogers asked attendants for three glasses of wine, was denied, and then brought up Jesus.

After verbally abusing flight attendants and other passengers, the pilot re-directed the flight and Rogers wound up in jail.

When he was met at the airport by Port of Portland, Rogers said he’d been smoking "purple hash" before the flight but he wasn’t high on the plane. I hope he gets a good online drug class and stays clean and sober the rest of his life.

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