Does Miley Cyrus Need Drug Class?

by Mike Miller September 28, 2012

Miley Cyrus is all grown up. Like many childhood celebrities she now seems to be going through a rough patch. The star of “Hannah Montana” who not too long ago was all the rage has a career that has been sliding down hill. Given her recent behavior it does not look to improve any time soon.

Miley is being accused of drug abuse and being out of control. Part of the hype is that she just got her hair really short. As reported in

I truly believe where there is smoke there is fire so maybe Cyrus does need help. The accuser is Star magazine claiming she is on drugs and needing an intervention, because Miley recently shaved off all her hair and got more tattoos. They also claim that her fiancé Liam Hemsworth and her family were afraid for her.

For now, Miley and her friends are in full denial.

My guess is this will not be the last we hear about this story. Does Miley need a drug class? Maybe, maybe not. My money would be she does. Are a crazy haircut and a photo of her smoking a cigarette enough to condemn her to having a drug problem? What do you think?

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