Drug Testing For Bath Salts? WTF

by Mike Miller November 17, 2011

Who would of ever thought to snort or smoke bath salts? Drug addicts desperate to get high – that’s who!

Now in addition to drug testing for marijuana, cocaine, opiates and other drugs, you can add bath salts to the list of drugs you can be tested for.

Authorities said many people who abuse synthetic cannabinoids and “bath salts” do so because they believe they can get high and still pass drug tests mandated by their employers or arranged by families.

But local medical companies are adapting to the synthetic drug craze by offering tests that can detect common chemicals used to manufacture the substances.

Wisconsin Governor John Kasich signed legislation outlawing “bath salts” and synthetic cannabinoids, which are products that mimic the effects of stimulants and marijuana and are sold at local smoke shops, gas stations and convenience stores.

The court already has the capability to test for bath salts and K2, a synthetic marijuana.

A normal drug test costs $15, and if K2 and bath salts are also tested, the test costs about $45.

The new law takes effect on Oct. 17, but because the drugs are deemed mind-altering, it’s already a probation violation to be caught under the influence of bath salts or K2.

MedWork serves municipalities, counties, schools, industrial companies, trucking businesses and other “safety sensitive” employers. In jobs where mistakes can be deadly, employers are interested in ensuring their workers are drug-free and not concealing a substance-abuse problem by using synthetic products.

Is it me, or does it seem like drug use makes everything more expensive?

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