Drug Tourism Creates Need for Drug Education Programs

by: Mike Miller

Heading to Amsterdam to get high? If so, you are part of a growing trend of people called drug tourists. Amsterdam used to be the exotic locale of choice for drug users who wanted to smoke weed, do heavier drugs, or experience legalized prostitution. Now there are hundreds of such places, including many right here in the USA.

Drug tourism is any travel that is for the purpose of obtaining or using drugs for personal use that are not available or are illegal in one’s home country. Sadly, innocent travelers merely seeking a vacation can get caught up in drug tourism simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For those living in the United States, Mexico is a very common country to visit to obtain illegal drugs. It can be as simple as driving over the border and smuggling them back into the country.

Of course, drug tourism includes the consumption and usage of drugs that are considered to be illegal in either the visited country or the tourist’s home country. This is the part of drug tourism that is very popular in parts of Mexico, especially for those living in the Southern California area near Tijuana.

In addition to the illegal drugs available in Tijuana, are prescription medications that do not require a proscription.

Drug tourism is at its simplest illegal, at its worst, extremely dangerous. Anyone found engaging in this type of tourism can put themselves at risk for prosecution for smuggling drugs or other, more serious charges in the country they are visiting. And at that point, their home country has no jurisdiction to help them. Mexico is dangerous enough with all of the cartels.

Instead of being a drug tourist I recommend – save money and sign up for an internet based drug class instead! Now that’s a healthy choice.