Is Demi Moore Following Lindsay Lohan Into a Drug Class?

by: Mike Miller

Am I the only one who thought that Bruce Willis was the hard-partier when he and Demi Moore first got hitched? Lately there has been no good news about Demi and this is no exception.

The actress who is in the process of getting a divorce from boy-toy Ashton Kutcher has sparked fears that she is heading towards relapse and will need treatment for substance abuse and an eating disorder for the second time. As reported in

Perhaps it is the pending divorce that is driving Moore to the brink. Kutcher filed for divorce last month, more than a year after their split in November 2011.

After they split, Moore had checked into rehab for an eating disorder and substance abuse issues.

Her drug use got so bad that he young daughters, Rumer, 24, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 18 cut contact with her. Obviously, the girls want Demi to pull herself together, act her age and stop carrying on like some teenage party girl. But Demi just refuses to give up the lifestyle that once made her happy, even though it now just amplifies her loneliness.

A close confident of Demi’s claims Moore is determined to find young love again and is at a loss as to why she is still single. When she and Kutcher married I thought it was a major fluke of nature, but who am I to judge. But looking for another Kutcher shows signs of serious issues. I think Demi needs a drug class and serious counseling to overcome her issues.