Medical Marijuana Shows Need for Online Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

Are you a proponent of medicinal marijuana? Are you a proponent of legalizing cannabis for recreational use? If you answered yes to either of the first two questions, there are many others just like you.

I am not in your camp, however.

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws on the books right now, and Connecticut looks like it could be the next.

Why would Connecticut even consider medicinal marijuana? Does it seem to be working in states like California and Colorado? It sure does not.

Connecticut is proposing a system for licensing medical marijuana producers, dispensing the drug, and registering qualified patients with debilitating conditions. Under the proposed bill doctors could prescribe marijuana to patients who suffer from certain specified illnesses. Additionally, the bill would limit medical marijuana prescriptions to a one year supply and require all drug manufacturing and distribution to be done in Connecticut.

Have they not seen the disasters across the country? In the states where it has been legalized for medical reasons teens as young as 18 have been getting recommendations for doctors for things such as “chronic pain” suffered from skateboard accidents and whatnot.

Not only are the doctors prescribing the drug to kids under 21 but are doing so in mass proportions. In California and Colorado it has become almost legal for recreational use since a vast majority of the “patients” are full of hooey.

Tack on the fact that because marijuana remains illegal under federal law and the constant worry that the federal government will come in, along with the fact that no bank will take marijuana money and you have a recipe for disaster.

Wise up Connecticut – do not pass this bill!