Paramedics Understand Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller June 1, 2013

There is nothing like being on the front line of any issue to understand its complexities. How do you think first-responders feel about drugs and alcohol? A recent study of paramedics in Perth, Australia brings to light these feelings.

Would it surprise you to know that paramedics say drug abuse and binge drinking are making their job a misery, with officers fearing for their lives when they turn up in certain areas. As reported in

Ninety-eight Perth homes and 93 country properties have been red-flagged for paramedics to wait for police before providing first aid.

A major reason they have to wait for police before providing emergency care – fear of being assaulted!

Don’t you think it’s a sad reflection on society that paramedics could not attend some houses without protection? For me, considering the role they play to assist people and save lives, it's pretty astonishing.

Authorities believe that A lot of it is alcohol-fuelled violence, binge drinking and amphetamine issues.

Thugs who assault paramedics face mandatory sentencing under "assault public officer" charges.

One paramedic who has been on the job for 20 years and did not want to be named, said several colleagues had been assaulted, including one man who had a gun held to his head.

There is no doubt that paramedics should not have to deal with threats of violence or intimidation when going about their job. I would hope Australian authorities would mandate online alcohol and drug classes to help deter this type of behavior.

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