Parents Need Online Drug Classes Too

by: Mike Miller

This is the fifth in a series of blogs looking at both the increase in abuse of prescription medications in the United States, and parents’ attitudes toward use and abuse of meds.

In each of the previous blogs we examined the parental attitude that use and abuse of prescription drugs is less dangerous that other illicit drugs. As reported in

Not only are parents less concerned that with cocaine or even marijuana or alcohol use, but are actually complicit in their behavior.

Here’s a fact - a parent’s medicine cabinet is the repository for 56 percent of the prescription meds teens say they are abusing, with nearly half of parents acknowledging that there are no barriers to access at home.

Here’s a real doozy - 20 percent of parents actually admitted to willfully giving their teen a prescription med that they had on hand, for which their child had no prescription.

Here’s what parents need to know - kids who start abusing when they are very young are much more likely to have an addiction problem as adults. Parents need to intervene. They need to control supply by locking up their medicine cabinets and throwing out old expired drugs. And they need to constantly weigh in, starting at very young age, even if they think they have the greatest kid in the world. They need to tell their child about the risks, and make clear how upset they will be if their child abuses these drugs.

Parents, please enroll yourself in a 16-hour online drug class. Take this class with your child. Be a good role model.