Russell Brand Understands Need for Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

Russell Brand is one of the Hollywood success stories (at least thus far) for celebrities overcoming serious addictions. He ranks right up there with Robert Downer, Jr. and Ryan O’Neal. Is it ironic that all three have first names that start with the letter r?

Less than ten years ago Russell Brand was in the destructive grip of drug addiction. His life was about scoring drugs at all costs. As reported in

He admits that he was addicted to marijuana alcohol, speed, acid, coke, crack, smack. Drugs were a daily part of his life.

But Brand is living proof that the downward spiral can be stopped through sheer determination combined with good emotional and professional support.

After Amy Winehouse died last year Russell was inspired to make a new hard-hitting documentary for the BBC about his road to recovery.

Last week her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil suffered multiple organ failure and is now in a medically induced coma after a huge drink and drug use.

In the documentary, Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery, there is harrowing footage of him smoking heroin in his younger years.

How did Brand turn his life around? His agent John Noel forced him to visit Focus 12 residential rehab.

Ironically, Russell has been sober since the age of 27, the same age that his good friend Winehouse died. He is a beacon for others who need to quit using drugs. He understands the need for celebrity 8 hour drug classes.